Boiler servicing

Keep costs low and your family safe by servicing boiler every year .

Why bother?

  • • Keeps running costs low – maintains efficiency
    • Identifies faults before they cause more costly repairs
    • Keeps you Safe -testing the safety devices
    Prevents carbon monoxide
    Maintains Boiler Guarantee
    • Service logbook updated – essential when selling your home
    Check for gas leaks

Annual service is usually completed within an hour.

Reheat are trained by the manufacturers to give you the best service.

What a service includes:


  • All boiler SAFTEY features checked
  • Boiler safety checked for carbon monoxide leaks
  • Safety Flue checks for damage, Obstruction and performance
  • System filters cleaned
  • Burner chamber, seals and case are inspected and cleaned
  • A full flue analysis is carried out
  • Boiler/ system pressure checked and topped up if required
  • Expansion vessel pressure checked and increased if require
  • Pump is check for obstruction and free movement
  • Condensate trap and pipe checked and cleared if required
  • Pressure release valve check for leaks and safety
  • Radiators and valve are checked and bleed if requested
  • Peace of mind to know you’re safe and everything is working correctly

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“We have used reheat for several boiler services . Always punctual , polite , priced well and give clear explanation .”


“Mat identified the problem quickly and was able to rectify it, as he had the spare part on his van. He explained where the problem was and demonstrated how he knew that this was the only problem. He was helpful in explaining that my boiler was in good condition and showed me where my boiler could be improved – if I wished. Mat thoroughly serviced the boiler and tested that all the whole heating system worked. He also answered my questions about my concerns. I have never had such a helpful, pleasant and competent engineer visit before.”


“Reheat not only identified our issue but also provided a service whilst fixing the problem. We had asked them in for a second opinion after being quoted 400 pounds. They fixed it for less than 100 and clearly explained the flaws in the first quote.”

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