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Boiler Installations

With years of maintenance experience, reheat brings a wealth of knowledge to the installation of heating systems. It is essential to understand how a system works over many years in order to initially install the system correctly.

  • Reduce Fuel Bills
  • Reduce breakdowns
  • Professional Boiler installations
  • Let us help you make the right choice

Installing the system correctly at the beginning will avoid many problems during the life of the boiler. One of the main causes of the problems is dirt in the system. 80% of systems are not correctly cleared (see powerflushing) leading to problems later on in the life of the boiler.

Manufacturer’s relationship

  • Reheat works closely with the top manufacturers of Boilers and power flushing equipment. We are always first to know about improvements in products, design and regulations, enabling us to give you the best service and products.
  • This relationship allows us to give longer warranties and better service at no extra cost you
  • Our knowledge ensures you get the most reliable products

Customer Relationship

Putting you first – always offer the best advice, even if it’s not in our best interests

  • Free estimates – during which we give expert advice whilst listening to you to ensure you get the ideal system for your needs
  • Long term relationship – we provide servicing and maintenance throughout the life of your boiler.
  • Fast efficient response in the event of a problem
  • Saving you money – we will give advice regarding any grants you may be able to receive (£300 off with warmfront)